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Are you ready for honest conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? The Over 40 Shorty Podcast is a short form podcast that tells intimate stories in a captivating way. Hosted by Tina Brewer (Tina B), she dives deep into her relationships, life views, and self-discoveries. Dating can be a struggle, but Tina’s big personality and funny anecdotes put a positive spin on the battlefield we call Love.

Tina B also discusses various situational topics with her friends and family to gain insight and, sometimes, validate her own views. Sometimes she has conversations with her young adult son, Amir, that deal with mutual life experiences but viewed from opposite sides of the age spectrum.

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Fresh Episodes

12. Jada & Will – Goals?

Tina, Tanya, and Deborah talk about an episode they watched on the show called Red Table Talk. The episode they discuss deals with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and how they navigate within their committed relationship. They discuss their own marriages and how they try to be supportive of how others define their relationships.

Is there anything in your relationship that would not be acceptable by the masses? Does it matter? This is what the discussion is all about…

Guests: Tanya & Deborah

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11. Shoulda Been Gone.

This episode is HILARIOUS! Tina talks about relationships that she stayed in too long. Have you ever stayed in something you KNOW you should’ve left long ago? We all have. Listen and laugh as Tina and her friends, Deborah and Tanya, discuss a few of those situations and what made them finally leave!

Guests: Tanya & Deborah

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10. Am I Crazy?

In this episode Tina has a conversation with her friends, Tanya and Deborah. When dating, Tina struggles to subdue her independence and rely on her male friend for support. When she has an issue with her car and asks for support, it doesn’t go as well as she hoped and she discusses her concerns with her friends. Listen as Tina’s friends help her bring more clarity to the situation and provides guidance on how she can handle similar situations she may face in the future.

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