About Tina B

Tina B

Growing up raised by a single parent and being a single parent herself, Tina knows a lot about the hustle. One of Tina’s biggest goals is to help other parents have the confidence and motivation to get things done.

This Minnesota-raised girl loves to talk! Her love for conversation and self-discovery has been a staple in her life for as long as she can remember. After all, her first words were “What’s that?” Once she discovered podcasting, having no previous radio or broadcasting experience, Tina took a leap of faith and started her own show from her home in Georgia.

Tina B has always been intrigued by people and their unique backgrounds. She believes that by understanding the differences in other people’s lives, it enables growth. She is on a continuous mission to improve herself. Through The Over 40 Shorty podcast, she wants to delve into and share different perspectives on many topics!
When not working or recording podcasts, Tina B enjoys listening to music, traveling, and spending time with her son, Amir, family and friends.

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