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Are you ready for honest conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? The Over 40 Shorty Podcast is a short form podcast that tells intimate stories in a captivating way. Hosted by Tina Brewer (Tina B), she dives deep into her relationships, life views, and self-discoveries. Dating can be a struggle, but Tina’s big personality and funny anecdotes put a positive spin on the battlefield we call Love.

Tina B also discusses various situational topics with her friends and family to gain insight and, sometimes, validate her own views. Sometimes she has conversations with her young adult son, Amir, that deal with mutual life experiences but viewed from opposite sides of the age spectrum.

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Fresh Episodes

09. Jelly Revised

Tina B talks with her son, Amir, about voting. They discuss how Tina wanted his first voting experience to be special and shared with the two of them, but Amir invited his special friend.

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08. Interracial Dating

Tina B and her friend Tynese discuss interracial dating. Tina B talks about how she only dates black American men even though she finds men of all other races “fine as hell”. Tynese says she’s dated men of different races because of the diversity living in Miami, Florida brings. Then the two discuss fear of being judged, feeling comfortable, and their sons’ dating habits. Later, Tina tells a story about how a white child kissing her on her lips changed her views and stereotypes she had as a kid. The show ends by emphasizing that everyone needs to be more open, including Tina B.

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07. Mama’s Gun Part 2

Tina B and her friend Ron open up the show up discussing his daughters and in what situations it is acceptable to shoot a gun. The two talk about police officers and deaths that have happened recently despite their high degree of training. Later, they both agree that a gun is a tool and not an equalizer. Tina explains how crucial gun education is to your children on gun safety.

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