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Are you ready for honest conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? The Over 40 Shorty Podcast is a short form podcast that tells intimate stories in a captivating way. Hosted by Tina Brewer (Tina B), she dives deep into her relationships, life views, and self-discoveries. Dating can be a struggle, but Tina’s big personality and funny anecdotes put a positive spin on the battlefield we call Love.

Tina B also discusses various situational topics with her friends and family to gain insight and, sometimes, validate her own views. Sometimes she has conversations with her young adult son, Amir, that deal with mutual life experiences but viewed from opposite sides of the age spectrum.

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Fresh Episodes

03. No Father PT 1

Tina B talks with her 19-year-old son, Amir, about her growing up as a single mother. She also talks about how she didn’t plan for him to be raised in a single parent household. Tina explains her relationship with Amir’s father and how she learned marriage was optional.

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02. My Son and the Girls He Dates

My young adult son (19) Amir and I discuss how I feel about his choices when it comes to dating.

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S01EP1 – Single mother and Dating (Pilot)

Tina B has a conversation with her young adult (19) son, Amir, about her dating strategy and how it has changed throughout the different phases of his life.

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